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The Future

In today’s competitive world, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the culture of success. Often, preparation for a child’s future begins very early on with schooling, extracurricular programs, sports, and hobbies. It’s easy to start to believe that your child’s only chance at success lies in constant enrichment. The truth, however, is that children need ample downtime to be truly successful.

Letting a child be bored helps them to relax in between moments of stress. School work, music lessons, soccer practice, and everything else on their plate can be draining, and having a bit of downtime will save them from becoming exhausted or feeling pressured to do well in the activities they participate in. This rest time will help them to perform better and be more excited about their upcoming game, dance recital, and school lesson. Kids may not always show it, but they, too, need relaxation.

Benefits of downtime  allowing kids to be bored

One of the biggest benefits of downtime for children lies in their ability to fill that time. When a child is bored, they will use whatever means they can to entertain themselves. Using their imagination to create games for themselves, spending time playing outside, reading a book for fun, and even laying down with an electronic device can all shape the ways in which they see the world. Their ability to find excitement in the world around them and the knowledge it holds will contribute greatly to their growth and will help them in their adult lives as well.

Parents only want the best for their children, and sometimes the world may convince you that what’s best is hours of scheduled activities, tutoring, and enrichment, but kids ultimately need to be kids first. Some of the greatest treasures of childhood are the times in which they get to blow off steam and fill their hours with what they find enjoyable. Embracing some downtime and boredom not only allows for fun but exploration and knowledge, as well.

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