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Edna Ngu is very interested in the welfare, education, and development of children. I have personally benefitted from her expertise and knowledge regarding educational resources and programs that would be beneficial for my kids. Edna has also been very helpful in letting me know about courses that are available for them. She is very generous in sharing her expertise and knowledge with friends. I am excited to know that she is starting this blog which will enable her to reach a wider audience.

Best of luck,


Like so many, my husband and I have always placed great emphasis on education.  With 3 children under the age of 5, we began our search for the best way to make learning fun and enjoyable. Recommendations from Edna have helped fuel our kids’ love for learning. Our kids have blossomed with minimal coaching. Learning has become a part of our daily routine but in a stress-free, fun way.  We are truly grateful for the advice and recommendations that we have received over the years from Edna.  Thank you!! Keep leading the way!!!


I am constantly looking at different ways to enhance and encourage the growth of my boys’ education. I have tried many things, but Edna’s help & advice has taken it to the next level . Her recommendations really have helped me make the difference in my boys’ learning and I have truly seen improvement.


It is said that “Education and learning are one of the most important ingredients to becoming all that you can be and within the first 5 years of a child, the child’s brain develops  more than any other time in life.” Edna Ngu has always been passionate about children’s education. She strives for academic excellence and is very knowledgeable on children’s development. She has four daughters whom she has done an outstanding job teaching and home schooling from the time they were born. Edna has done extensive research on children’s education and she will always recommend the best resources to other parents. She personally recommended some videos for my son when he was 1 year old and those have helped him tremendously. We still use a lot of her books and videos to teach our son. I am excited to see her share her knowledge and help other moms on resources out there on how we can inspire our kids to excel academically. Parenting doesn’t have a manual and every one has a different experience. We can all learn from each other and Edna is one of those parents who has a wealth of advise and wisdom when it comes to children’s education.