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1.The Scripps National Spelling bees
Our purpose is to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives

2. International Spelling Bee
International Spelling Bee competitions provide a platform to cater and promote learning through entertainment. Its purpose is to help students improve their spelling and pronunciation, increase their active vocabulary, learn novel concepts and develop usages that will help them face the world. Living in the present scenario where everybody follow the ‘text-speak’, International Spelling Bee competitions focus on reviving a lost tradition. Spellings are and have always been pivotal in learning English – the Lingua Franca.


1. Spellingcity.com
Improve your kid’s spelling and vocabulary with games.

2. Clicknspell.com
ClickN SPELL is a research based spelling program for PreK through 5th grade that teaches the 800 most commonly used words in the English language. The program may also be used as an intervention curriculum for struggling spellers regardless of age or grade level.

3. Spell Well
Spellwell is based on learning curve research principles are therefore designed for the heterogeneous classroom. Students who spell easily move directly from the pretest to more difficult words, vocabulary enhancement, and extra written expression. Students who are less facile can work with the part of the list based on a single rule or generalization. Meanwhile, the majority of students benefit from learning and reviewing rules at frequent intervals and improve their ability to spell content-area words through direct experience with and observation of the language.

4. Spelling workout series
Mastering the ability to spell English words takes a lot of practice and time, but you can help your child get a good start. Modern Curriculum Press (MCP) Spelling Workout is a curriculum for homeschooling that helps you teach spelling in an exciting and hands-on way.

5. Words their way series
Based on years of research into invented and developmental spelling, the classroom-proven framework of this successful series is keyed to the five stages of spelling and orthographic development. Teachers everywhere have grown to love its no-nonsense method for studying words. Each stage-specific companion volume features a complete curriculum of reproducible sorts and detailed directions for teachers working with students in each stage of spelling development, from emergent through derivational relations.

6. Natural Speller
The only book you will ever need to teach spelling. Teaching strategies include additional tips for use with the learning disabled, and word lists are organized by both sight and sound patterns. Build vocabulary skills with Latin and Greek roots and word lists, and by using the spelling rules to add prefixes and suffixes to root words. Choose from among the suggested activities to include practice with grammar.

7. Spelling Power

Your students will use this research-proven program to master the 5,000 most frequently used words. These words are divided into 11 levels based on their frequency of use. Each level of Spelling Power’sscientifically-organized word list is then further organized by phonetic principles and spelling rules.

8. Spell to read and write
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine recognized BHI for the outstanding curriculum, Spell to Write & Read, a unified language arts program for all ages and learning styles. Homeschool blogger says, “SWR is used in public and private schools, in many homeschools, and is a favored choice for EFL (English as a Foreign Language) tutoring for dyslexics, and adult literacy programs. Students who have failed with other spelling and reading programs find success with SWR.”

9. Learn that word
We build literacy, one word at a time, through free tutoring and rich online resources. We empower people to develop the skills they need to pursue their goals with confidence.

10. Daily spelling practice
Daily Spelling Practice teaches students to spell by focusing on sound keys, addressing prefixes and suffixes, working with syllables, and providing practice with spelling confusables and rule-breaking memory words.

11.  Building Spelling Skills
Learning to spell correctly will help students have more success in all areas of their education as they advance throughout their years in school. Evan-Moor Building Spelling Skills Book ensures your students will learn to love their daily spelling exercises, as we use a variety of methods for introducing the words that keep students entertained. Students will also learn the meaning of the words, which will help with reading comprehension.

12.  Simplyfun
Our games are fun to play, and supplement structured learning with life and educational skill development. They also help parents balance their kids’ screen time with face to face attention and togetherness.


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