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What are some different activities that I can structure to create an entrepreneurial mind, social intelligence or aptitude, and emotional intelligence for my 12-year-old son?

  1. Get him to use his hands as much as he can. He needs to learn its cool and awesome to *make* things. Electronics, clay, food, whatever… its all in the process of building something that didn’t exist.
  2. Let him come up with a mini-business plan and earn his pocket money. An entitlement mentality is the worst burden parents usually impose on their children.allowing kids to be bored
  3. Get him to read. Lots! Period.
  4. Help him create a group of kids his own age for some non-sports activity… help him learn the concepts of “Initiative” and “natural leadership”. I say non-sports because sports awards disproportionate advantage to physical attributes.
  5. Get him to make his own decisions. Sit down with him at the end of the day/week and revie how each decision went. The most successful people are usually those that can take feedback, reflect and course-correct on an auto-pilot mode.

Source: Quora