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Nominate a 365 kid Of The Month


While every child has something special and unique that should be recognized, there are some children who have gone above and beyond to make a difference in their communities and beyond.  The goal of this is to identify and celebrate a child who has made an impact as small as holding a friend’s hand to cross the street or as big as receiving a UN Nobel Peace nomination.  We want children to know that their courage and kindness are appreciated and valued.  Together let’s raise children who will make a positive change and leave the world better than how they met it!

Tell us what makes him or her so fantastic!

Please Include a Picture of Contestant
*By uploading this photo, I give 365 Learning Resource permission to use this picture on their website.

365 Nominating Criteria

Must be younger than 19 years
Must provide a photograph
Must have a 1 to 2 paragraph write up about the candidate or video to support the candidate
Must be willing to travel if necessary for interviews

365 Award Details

Featured the entire month on our website
Featured story on social media
Formal press release/blog
Gift in kind or cash
And much more

Previous Nominees

Maema S. Njongmeta

kid of the month

Whitney Egbe

Aiden Potoczniak

365 kid of the month

Mongai Fankam