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Are you and your kids getting tired of the same old math flashcards?

As an educator and parent, I am always amazed at the free resources that can help your child improve their math skills. For example, the Math Playground website is an “action-packed website for elementary and middle school kids”. This site has timed flashcards, virtual manipulatives, logic puzzles, and interactive games. Don’t forget to click on the Math Videos link to see tutorials on how to do various math skills, such as finding the area of a triangle.

Parents often purchase workbooks that have specific math skills for students to practice. That is no longer necessary. Instead, go to the Math Fact Café worksheet and flash card generator. This website includes generators for math drills, flashcards, time and money.

For example, perhaps your child is currently working on double-digit addition. Go to the Math Fact Cafe to customize a worksheet that includes double-digit addition (with or without regrouping). You can even print up the answer key if you like. As your child’s skills improve, you can easily choose a higher skill level.

On account of the sites over the web that offer free printable math worksheets, you don’t have to stress over the expense of acquiring one, perhaps just the ink cost. So don’t go making excuses for not being able to access a math worksheet.

And of course, don’t forget…the very best math resources are found in everyday life activities. Raising concerns, for instance, “How long does it take for the birthday party to begin?”, “What kinds of shapes or angles can you find on a particular building?”, There is a statement by Josiah William Gibbs, “Math is a language”. There’s no better method to take in a language than to talk it!

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