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365 Kid Of The Month – January 2019 Carlma Ngwitoh

Kid of the monthCarlma ; She is determined, focused, humble, amazing Tech Savvy girl. She is Inquisitive, creative, passionate about learning and exploring new projects. She is  enthusiastic, goal-oriented and friendly. An international robotics star who hopes to become an engineer in the future.  She loves to sing, loves animals, loves to bake , loves sports. Presently she is in 11th grade at the International School of Dakar(ISD).
She   has been  an ‘A’ roll student all through her school life ( Many academic awards and Honor roll certificates of excellence to her credits)


Carlma, started doing robotics at Galaxy International school Uganda ( GISU) as a school club activity .  Back then she was the only girl in the club. She became so passionate about it and has been unstopable.   While at GISU, She did robotics, from conception to building robots etc  for about three years  under the supervision of Mr Mikail Alici- the head of GISU Robotics Club and ICT Department.

She has earned several Gold, Silver and Bronze medals over the years while taking part in local and international  Science, Technology , Engineering,  and Maths (STEM) plus Robotics   competitions.

* She is widely traveled in order to participate in such competitions.




Last year she joined the International School of Dakar’s robotics team and the team participated at the Vex Robotics competiontion in Barcelona and won.


She recently designed an App for her current school called The ISD Helper App, to ease communication  flow and increase  access to information  within the school  and the entire school community (Parents, Teachers, Students, other stakeholders of the school)

Does she mentor other girls/students ?

Yes,  she has been doing so over the years in both schools . She is currently,  spear-heading a  project that aims to bring together, students from her school who are interested in robotics ; in order  to design a project to showcase at the 2019 GISUTECH  COMPETITION to take place in Uganda . She has been invited to participate in the competition in April .



*What does  she  do when she is not doing Technology stuff ;

When she is not designing or buiding robots or  doing hardware control projects, or buiding an App etc ;
-She  loves to draw , she does arts and crafts work, she paints
-She designs cloths and she plans on launching her clothing line soon  the first collection is almost set
-She plays a musical instrument especially the guitar,
-She also writes songs, she sings and does cover for songs/music.
-She loves sports and she is a serious Manchester United supporter along with her little brother  (George), to the point where she makes analysis of games
– She plays with her rabbits, feeds them  etc
-She loves a good family moment such as  family movie nights  when she gets to make popcorn for the whole family before the movie begins.
– She loves to engage in intellectual discussions and  meaningful conversations