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Life Skills

Education and an all-round development is barely a book thing anymore. The internet is bursting at its seams and somehow in all this advancement, practicality has somewhere lost its sheen. Kids are addicted to the screens that reign over all they do.electronics addicts

However, in the real world, some practical knowledge is required to carry out the day-to-day running. A demographic says that kids the age of 3 to 5 can operate a Smartphone, however; they fail miserably when told to make their own breakfast! Mindful of the demographic figure, the parents here have to make sure that the child learns the practicality of life.

·    A simple thing like doing the laundry can boost the child’s confidence when they enter the annals of college. You could start it like an extracurricular activity from the age of six.

·     Gifts are something all children enjoy; wrapping a gift may inculcate in them the act of giving and sharing with each other. This simple exercise will help them develop a skill set that will teach them to properly pack a gift and learn the act of sharing.

·     Give a kid a nail and a hammer and their afternoon are occupied. Teaching a child to hammer a nail into a wooden piece will help you spend and impart useful knowledge that might come in handy later on.

·     Letter writing has lost its way in the bustle of emails and WhatsApp messages. Letter writing can be a fun activity for fuelling a child’s vocabulary. Reading letters and reading envelopes may help inculcate in the child a habit of writing letters.

·     In the busy world, parents find it hard to be home on time. Making a child help and teaching them to prepare a simple meal will help them ascertain independence.

·     Google is our best friend; however, one never knows when technology will leave you high and dry. This is when it becomes imperative for a child to learn to navigate their way through familiar streets and corners to reach home. Map reading may find its way into a very productive extracurricular activity.  This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as life skills are concerned. However, making learning a game and an ongoing interest will make your child world ready in no time.