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Should I send my child to public, private school or homeschooling?

Parents are the primary teachers and caregivers of their children, so regardless of the educational institution utilized; a child will thrive if there is a solid foundation and routine at home.

I am overwhelmed with numerous programs and curriculum. How do I know which programs are good fit for my family.

No single program or curriculum is perfect.  The goal is to be committed and consistent with which ever one we pick.

When it comes to raising a child, should parents focus on academics or character formation?

100% character trumps academics.  With a solid foundation of great work ethics, sense of self, self- confidence, and most of all if they are in tune with the needs of others, so will the academics come naturally.

Why should my child learn a foreign language?

Children who are multi-lingual not only learn languages, but also learn about other cultures and can interact socially at a higher level than their peers.


Should I enroll my children in extracurricular activities?

It all depends on the family dynamics.  Most kids thrive when they are involved in some form of activities outside of school works. However, parents need to be realistic and be careful not to stretch the kid’s out too thin to a point where they burn out.