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365 Geography


KidsGeo.com (free)
Geography is the study of the Earth as it exists today, focusing on the surface, the atmosphere, the oceans, as well as the distribution of plants, animals, and people. Join our amazing network today and never miss out on the latest updates from Kids Geography!

Top Secret Adventure from Highlights
Your child can explore the world, capture a villain, solve a mystery and still be home in time for dinner with Highlights Top Secret Adventures club!

Visualize World Geography
A Scientifically-based Pedagogy provides students with a solid foundation, mental categories, and a global framework to analyze, organize, and synthesize their understanding of the world–needed skills to creatively interact with our 21st Century landscape. In our pilot group, using a significant number of 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students as our random sample, we were able to experimentally demonstrate an improvement in student performance from an AVERAGE of 8% MASTERY BEFORE exposure to VWG videos, to an AVERAGE of 94% MASTERY AFTER EXPOSURE TO VWG VIDEOS.

Let’s Go Geography
Your K-5th-grade student will explore a different country in almost every lesson. Each unit is about 35 pages long and packed with activities for maps, flags, songs, writing, looking at pictures, watching video, coloring, and making a project based on the theme country. You get a 36-week school year schedule with optional weekly emails to keep you on track. All this for only $27.99 for an entire year that can be used with multiple kids in varied grade levels.
As a Subscriber, you have immediate, lifetime access to all 36 weeks of downloadable, PDF lessons when you Log In to your Account page. Which means you can use the lessons in whatever order you choose, whenever you want.

Trail Guide to Learning
The award-winning Trail Guide to Learning series is a complete K-8th-grade homeschool curriculum that teaches every subject except for math, using an integrated approach to develop thinking skills. It weaves together aspects from Charlotte Mason’s methods of natural education, and incorporates the ideas of Dr. Benjamin Bloom’s research on thinking skills, while fully utilizing the time-tested approach developed by noted author and educator, Dr. Ruth Beechick.

Map Travelers
Map Travelers offers a year-long tour of the world visiting many different countries along the way! What makes this curriculum unique is the many different learning styles it contains such as hands-on crafts and activities, research and open-ended projects/assignments, note booking style pages included, and many literature and movie suggestions for visual learners.

Daily Geography
Evan-Moor delivers a comprehensive selection of geography curriculum that targets students from pre-kindergarten all the way through the middle school grades.

At Encyclopedia.com, you get free access to nearly 200,000 reference entries from sources you can cite. Plus, more than 50,000 topic summaries feature related pictures, videos, topic summaries, and newspaper and magazine articles from around the world. Encyclopedia.com also provides innovative tools that allow you to rate and sort the reference content you find to be the most useful.

4D Cityscape is a 4D Cityscape is a patented, multi-layer puzzle that is fun, challenging and e

Five different game modes in Seterra Online challenge you in different ways to help you retain information and keep things interesting. Also, Seterra Online has a Voice feature that lets you listen to how the place names are pronounced.



National Geography Bee

The National Geographic GeoBee includes three levels of competition; school, state, and national. Schools conduct a GeoBee and name a school champion. The school champion takes a proctored online qualifying test and the top 100 ranked students in each state qualify to represent their school at the state level GeoBee competition. State champions then travel to National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D.C., to compete in the national championship.

International Geography Bee
The International Geography Bee was founded in 2016 to give primary and secondary students around the world a chance to compete at the regional, national, and global levels in a new academic competition testing comprehensive knowledge of world geography. Participating students are thus part of a community of young scholars who are all striving to improve their knowledge of the world and its peoples and cultures. The International Geography Bee is meant to be fair (through the use of well-constructed questions that all students play on simultaneously), exciting (through buzzer-based play at the Divisional Championship and World Championship levels), accessible (by allowing students to qualify for the National Championships at their own place of study if needed, affordable entry fees and subsidies for the top students to attend the World Championships), and relevant (through questions that show how and why geography matters in at the local, national, and global levels).
Our hope is that through the creation of a new worldwide geography competition, students will further their knowledge of geography in an enjoyable way, and make friends with like-minded students from around their national and their world.

United States Geography Olympiad

The United States Geography Olympiad was founded in the summer of 2012 as a nationwide competition to test the geography skills of American students and to help foster geography education throughout the United States. The competition aims to reward students who have devoted themselves to studying their world, and its countries and peoples, as a thorough knowledge of geography is essential to being an educated citizen today. Aside from fostering an appreciation of knowledge of our world, the United States Geography Olympiad is the official qualifying competition for the International Geography Olympiad (aka iGeo), and by competing in it, Varsity Division students will have a chance to become members of the American team to attend iGeo.

National Geographic Bee

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