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A Learning Resource Directory For All Ages.

Designed by a mother, tested by children, approved by both.

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Raising A High Achiever

This site features thousands of learning resource listings for Math, Science, Geography, History, English Language, Foreign Language, Homeschooling, Competitions, Summer camps, Extracurricular activities, Social Emotional Learning, Test Preps and much more. Without a doubt too much information can seem overwhelming and intimidating, my advice is to filter through the directory and stick to a few resources for your family. Learning can truly be fun!


Learning Resources

365 Learning Resource is amazing. This site is a gift to any parent who is overwhelmed, has been searching for education alternatives and wants their children to succeed. Its a platform that makes it easy to find the resources your child will definitely need all throughout their formative years and beyond.” Mother of 4 – 6 and 8-year-old children

“I am constantly looking at different ways to enhance and encourage the growth of my boys’ education. I have tried many things, but Edna’s help & advice has taken it to the next level . Her recommendations really have helped me make the difference in my boys’ learning and I have truly seen improvement.” Mother of 2 boys


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A fun and easy way for your child to learn the alphabet


Why the future of education depends on Social-Emotional Learning



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